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MISMO HMDA Implementation Toolkit
Member Price: $250.00
Nonmember Price: $250.00
Product Code: DL2-011253-WC-W
Delivery Options: N/A

Description of Product

MISMO HMDA Implementation Toolkit

The MISMO HMDA Implementation Toolkit is available at no charge to MISMO members. See mismo.org for more information on how MISMO members, formerly known as subscribers, can access the Toolkit.


The MISMO HMDA Implementation Toolkit is designed to help companies implement the new CFPB HMDA rules. These tools, collectively referred to as the HMDA Implementation Toolkit (the Toolkit), offer a comprehensive collection of guidance, mapping documents, and other information about the rule and the use of MISMO in meeting the requirements of the rule. In particular, the tools help companies build upon existing reporting requirements such as the GSE Uniform Mortgage Data Program (UMDP). By building upon already existing reporting requirements, companies should gain efficiencies in developing and maintaining their HMDA solution. The Toolkit is comprised of multiple components as follows:

  • HMDA Implementation Guide: Provides an overview of the new HMDA Loan Application Register (LAR) requirements and illustrates how to leverage the value of the MISMO standard as it applies to HMDA LAR reporting and data exchange or submission.
  • Appendix A - HMDA MISMO LAR Mapping: Provides a detailed mapping from the Regulation C HMDA reporting requirements to Version 3.4 of the MISMO Reference Model including data point and enumeration mappings; applicable HMDA rule commentary; derivation illustrations; recommendations for data conditionality and much, much more.
  • Appendix B - Reporting Scenario Examples: Provides a use case template and test data for a variety of reporting scenarios.
  • Appendix C - Reporting Scenario Example - Sample XML: Provides sample XML for the variety of reporting scenarios highlighted in Appendix B.
  • Appendix D - Illustration of MISMO to LAR Derivation Logic: Provides a field by field illustration of how to derive the revised HMDA LAR from Version 3.4 of the MISMO Reference Model including actual XPATHs; helpful tips and step savers and much more.
  • Appendix E - MISMO HMDA Data Conditionality At-A-Glance: Provides a quick view of HMDA data conditionality in chart form by HMDA and MISMO data points. Conditionality recommendations are also captured in detail in the HMDA Implementation Guide and Appendix A HMDA MISMO LAR Mapping Document.
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    • The MISMO HMDA Implementation Toolkit is in the final stages of review by the MISMO Residential Standards Governance Committee. Purchasers may access the Toolkit in its current status and will be notified when all approvals are complete. An updated version of the Toolkit will be provided to purchasers following approval if any updates are required.
    • Future updates and enhancements to the Toolkit may be required as additional guidance and specifications regarding the HMDA rule become available from CFBP. Such updates will be provided to purchasers as they become available.
    • Please contact info@mismo.org for more information.
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    Publications and Guides 

    *** MISMO HMDA Implementation Toolkit is available in electronic format only.

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    MISMO HMDA Implementation Toolkit 
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