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 CC_GO_100.1 CMF Fundamentals
 CC_GO_100.2 CMF Origination and Underwriting
 CC_GO_100.3 CMF Loan Documentation and Closing
 CC_GO_100.4 CMF Sale & Securitization and CMF Servicing
 CC_S_200.1 Asset Management in CMF Loan Servicing
 CC_S_200.2 Monitoring CMF Property Operations
 CC_S_200.3 Common CMF Borrower Requests
 CC_S_200.4 Special CMF Borrower Requests
 CC_S_200.5 CMF Default Management
 CC_S_201.1 CMF Servicer Background
 CC_S_201.2 CMF Servicing Relationships
 CC_S_201.3 CMF Sources of Funds
 CC_S_201.4 CMF Financing Vehicles
 CC_S_201.5 How CMF Servicers Make Money
 CC_S_202.1 Benchmarking in CMF Loan Servicing
 CC_S_202.2 External CMF Benchmarking Requirements
 CC_S_202.3 Internal CMF Benchmarking Requirements
 CC_S_202.4 Measuring Performance of CMF Loans
 CC_S_202.5 Risks and Consequences of CMF Loans
 CC_S_203.1 CMF Servicing Agreement Fundamentals
 CC_S_203.2 CMF Pooling and Servicing Agreements
 CC_S_203.3 CMF Agency Servicing Agreements
 CC_S_203.4 CMF Portfolio Servicing Agreements
 CC_S_204.1 CMF Surveillance Fundamentals
 CC_S_204.2 CMF Loan Surveillance
 CC_S_204.3 CMF Property Surveillance
 CC_S_204.4 CMF Performance Surveillance
 CC_S_204.5 Communicating CMF Surveillance Findings
 CC_S_205.1 CMF Insurance Compliance Fundamentals
 CC_S_205.2 Types of CMF Insurance
 CC_S_205.3 Essential CMF Insurance Considerations
 CC_S_205.4 CMF Insurance Compliance Review
 CC_S_206.1 CMF Loan Document Fundamentals
 CC_S_206.2 The CMF Promissory Note
 CC_S_206.3 Security Instruments in CMF Lending
 CC_S_206.4 CMF Loan File and Supporting Documents
 CC_S_207.1 CMF Servicing Operations Fundamentals
 CC_S_207.2 System Processing in CMF Servicing
 CC_S_207.3 CMF Tax and Insurance Escrow Administration
 CC_S_207.4 Critical CMF Servicing Operations and Duties
 Mortgage Loan Processor Onboarding Package
 RC_GO_100.1 Mortgage Banking Basics
 RC_GO_100.2 Loan Production Basics
 RC_GO_100.3 Funding, Warehousing, Shipping, and QC Basics
 RC_GO_100.4 Secondary Marketing Basics
 RC_GO_100.5 Loan Administration Basics
 RC_GO_F_200.1 Mortgage Loan Fraud Overview & Current Trends
 RC_GO_F_200.2 Mortgage Loan Fraud for Profit
 RC_GO_F_200.3 Mortgage Loan-Level Misrepresentation
 RC_GO_F_200.4 Mortgage Loan Fraud Best Practices & Resources
 RC_LA_100.1 Servicing in the Mortgage Lending Process
 RC_LA_100.2 Loan Administration Concepts
 RC_LA_100.3 Loan File Documents
 RC_LA_100.4 Loan Administration Functions
 RC_LA_CM_200.1 Cash Flow
 RC_LA_CM_200.2 Exceptions Processing
 RC_LA_CM_200.3 Electronic Payments
 RC_LA_CM_200.4 Types of Cash Movement
 RC_LA_CM_200.5 Payment Automation
 RC_LA_CM_200.6 Cash Processing
 RC_LA_CR_200.1 Mortgage Banking Concepts for CSRs
 RC_LA_CR_200.2 Loan Administration Concepts for CSRs
 RC_LA_CR_300.1 Customer Service Basics
 RC_LA_CR_300.2 Laws and Regulations for CSRs
 RC_LA_CR_300.3 Accounting for CSRs
 RC_LA_CR_300.4 Escrow Operations for CSRs
 RC_LA_CR_300.5 Servicing Transfers for CSRs
 RC_LA_DA_200.1 Working in Default Administration
 RC_LA_DA_200.2 Default Administration Functional Areas
 RC_LA_DA_205.1 Introduction to REO
 RC_LA_DA_300.1 Managing Delinquency for Loan Counselors
 RC_LA_DA_300.2 Collection Tools for Loan Counselors
 RC_LA_DA_300.3 Telephone Skills for Loan Counselors
 RC_LA_DA_300.4 Meeting Collection Goals for Loan Counselors
 RC_LA_DA_301.1 Loss Mitigation Concepts
 RC_LA_DA_301.2 Loss Mitigation Processes
 RC_LA_DA_301.3 Loss Mitigation Options
 RC_LA_DA_301.4 Math for Loss Mitigation
 RC_LA_DA_301.5 GSE and Agency Loss Mitigation Options
 RC_LA_DA_302.1 Bankruptcy Basics
 RC_LA_DA_302.2 Processing the Bankruptcy Loan
 RC_LA_DA_303.1 Conventional Loan Recovery Essentials
 RC_LA_DA_303.2 Foreclosure Essentials
 RC_LA_DA_303.3 Claims Essentials
 RC_LA_DA_303.4 Corporate Advance Essentials
 RC_LA_DA_304.2 REO Acquisition and Boarding
 RC_LA_DA_304.3 REO Pre-Marketing
 RC_LA_DA_304.4 REO Marketing and Sale
 RC_LA_EA_200.1 Escrow in Loan Administration
 RC_LA_EA_200.2 The Escrow Department
 RC_LA_EA_300.1 Escrow Analysis
 RC_LA_EA_300.2 Escrowing Property and Flood Insurance
 RC_LA_EA_300.3 Escrowing Mortgage Insurance
 RC_LA_EA_300.4 Escrowing Real Estate Taxes
 RC_LA_EA_300.5 Escrow for New and Transferred Loans
 RC_LA_EA_301.1 Insurance Servicing Foundations
 RC_LA_EA_301.2 Property Insurance Requirements
 RC_LA_EA_301.3 The Insurance Department
 RC_LA_EA_301.4 Processing Insurance Claims
 RC_LA_EA_301.5 Insurance Policies and Coverage
 RC_LA_EA_301.6 Insurance Documents
 RC_LA_FM_200.1 Financial Categories for Loan Administration
 RC_LA_FM_200.2 Government Financial Agencies
 RC_LA_FM_200.3 Financial Statement Analysis
 RC_LA_FM_200.4 Mortgage Servicing Portfolio Valuation
 RC_LA_FM_301.1 Bank Reconciliation Concepts
 RC_LA_FM_301.2 Investor Requirements in Bank Reconciliation
 RC_LA_IR_200.1 Investor Reporting Concepts
 RC_LA_IR_200.2 Investor Reporting Requirements
 RC_LA_IR_200.3 Freddie Mac Investor Reporting Requirements
 RC_LA_IR_200.4 Fannie Mae Investor Reporting Requirements
 RC_LA_IR_200.5 Ginnie Mae Investor Reporting Requirements
 RC_LA_IR_200.6 Private Investor Reporting Requirements
 RC_LA_PLA_200.1 Mortgage Payoff Concepts
 RC_LA_PLA_200.2 Lien Release Concepts
 RC_LA_PLA_200.3 Mortgage Assumption Concepts
 RC_LA_SS_200.1 Introduction to Equity Products
 RC_LA_SS_200.2 Servicing Implications of Equity Products
 RC_LA_SS_300.1 Special Loan Basics
 RC_LA_SS_300.2 Special Loan Products
 RC_LA_SS_300.3 Special Loan Features
 RC_LA_SS_300.4 Special Loan Market
 RC_LA_ST_200.1 Servicing Transfers Concepts
 RC_LA_ST_300.1 Servicing Transfers Process
 RC_LA_ST_300.2 Investor Requirements for Servicing Transfers
 RC_LP_O_200.3 Generating Purchase Business for MLOs
 RC_LP_P_200.1 Processing Fundamentals
 RC_LP_P_200.2 The Loan Application for Processors
 RC_LP_P_200.3 Verification and Supporting Documentation
 RC_LP_P_200.4 Property Appraisal for Processors
 RC_LP_P_200.5 File Review and Submission
 RC_LP_U_200.1 Eligibility in Residential Underwriting
 RC_LP_U_200.2 Income Review in Residential Underwriting
 RC_LP_U_200.3 Credit Review in Residential Underwriting
 RC_LP_U_200.4 Asset Review in Residential Underwriting
 RC_LP_U_200.5 Collateral Review in Residential Underwriting
 RC_LP_U_200.6 Final Review in Residential Underwriting
 RC_LP_U_301.1 Analyzing the Appraisal
 RC_LP_U_301.2 Property Valuation and Reporting Using DU
 RC_LP_U_301.3 Property Valuation and Reporting Using LPA
 RC_LP_U_302.1 Origin of Credit Scores in Lending
 RC_LP_U_302.2 Credit Scoring Basics
 RC_LP_U_302.3 Credit Scores in Risk Assessment
 RC_LP_U_303.1 Defining Automated Underwriting Systems
 RC_LP_U_303.2 Evaluating Loans with Desktop Underwriter
 RC_LP_U_303.3 Evaluating Loans with Loan Product Advisor
 RC_LP_U_304.1 Underwriting Methodology
 RC_LP_U_304.2 Fannie Mae Manually Underwritten Loans
 RC_LP_U_304.3 Freddie Mac Manually Underwritten Loans
 RC_LP_U_305.1 Tax Return Basics
 RC_LP_U_305.2 Income and Loss on Tax Returns
 RC_LP_U_305.3 Supporting Income and Loss on Tax Returns
 RC_LP_U_305.4 Supplemental Income and Loss on Tax Returns
 RC_LP_U_306.1 Business Structures for Self-Empl. Borrowers
 RC_LP_U_306.2 Evaluating Sole Proprietorships
 RC_LP_U_306.3 Evaluating Partnerships
 RC_LP_U_306.4 Evaluating Corporations
 RC_LP_U_307.1 Underwriting Jumbo Loans
 RC_LP_U_307.2 Underwriting Freddie Mac A-Minus Loans
 RC_LP_U_307.3 Appraisal Issues: Beyond the Basics
 RC_LP_U_308.1 The Construction Process at a Glance
 RC_LP_U_308.2 Fannie Mae Construction/Perm Guidelines
 RC_LP_U_308.3 Freddie Mac Construction/Perm Guidelines
 RC_LP_U_308.4 Acquisition Costs for Construction/Perm Loans
 RC_LP_U_309.1 Introduction to Manufactured Housing
 RC_LP_U_309.2 Fannie Mae Guidelines for Manufactured Homes
 RC_LP_U_309.3 Freddie Mac Guidelines for Manufactured Homes
 RC_LP_U_310.1 Underwriting Properties w Marketability Issues
 RC_LP_U_310.2 Underwriting Properties w Structural Issues
 RC_LP_U_310.3 Underwriting Properties w Environmental Issues
 RC_LP_U_311.1 Underwriting Affordable Solutions
 RC_LP_U_311.2 Underwriting Reduc Pymnt Prods & Piggyback Lns
 RC_LP_U_311.3 Underwriting Government Loans
 RC_RC_GO_100.1 Introduction to Regulatory Compliance
 RC_RC_GO_100.2 Reg Comp in the Residential Lending Cycle
 RC_RC_GO_200.1 Consumer Financial Protection Laws
 RC_RC_GO_201.1 Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity Laws
 RC_RC_GO_203.1 Privacy and Credit-Reporting Laws
 RC_RC_GO_204.1 Anti-Money Laundering Laws
 RC_RC_GO_205.1 Communication Laws
 RC_RC_GO_206.1 Residential Loan Servicing Laws
 RC_RC_GO_300.1 TRID Compliance Basics
 RC_RC_GO_301.1 ECOA Compliance Basics
 RC_RC_GO_302.1 RESPA Compliance Basics
 RC_RC_GO_303.1 TILA Compliance Basics
 RC_RC_GO_304.1 HMDA Compliance Basics
 RC_RC_GO_306.1 UDAP, UDAAP, & the MAP Rule Compliance Basics
 RC_RC_GO_400.1 Loan File Review for Compliance Profs
 RC_RC_GO_401.1 Reviewing Marketing for Compliance Profs
 RC_RC_GO_402.1 Working the Help Desk for Compliance Profs
 RC_RC_GO_403.1 Reviewing Bus Processes for Compliance Profs
 RC_RC_LP_200.1 Intro to Compliance in Loan Origination
 RC_RC_LP_200.2 Licensing Laws in Loan Origination
 RC_RC_LP_200.3 Disclosure Laws in Loan Origination
 RC_RC_LP_200.4 Consumer Protection in Loan Origination
 RC_RC_LP_201.1 Introduction to Fair Lending
 RC_RC_LP_201.2 Fair Lending During Inquiries
 RC_RC_LP_201.3 Fair Lending During Processing
 RC_RC_LP_201.4 Fair Lending During Loan Disposition
 RC_RC_LP_201.5 Evaluating Fair Lending Compliance
 RC_SM_100.1 Fundamentals of Secondary Marketing
 RC_SM_100.2 How Secondary Marketing Works
 SC_M_100.1 MISMO Fundamentals
 SC_M_200.1 MISMO Implementation Framework - Part I
 SC_M_200.2 MISMO Implementation Framework - Part II
 SC_M_300.1 MISMO XML Primer
 School of Loan Origination - Assessment

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